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Supergirl Secret Wishes Costume for Adults - Warner Bros DC Comics
 - This is a DC Comics licensed  costume. -

Modern tales say that the sun of planet Krypton due to bad phenomena caused that  planet to finally explode and finally destroyed. That happened many years ago, around 1948 of our time.  Fortunately, for a baby, his parents, Jor-El and Lara, managed to put him in a rocket and send him to planet Earth.  That baby that had in Krypton the name Kal-El became on Earth Clark Kent, and then "Superman", who in some way, everybody knows about.  

Luckily enough, a cousin of Kal-El named Kara Zor-El, also was sent to Earth in a different type of rocket and in suspended animation just before finally Krypton exploded. Kara was about 13 years of age in Earth years when she left Kripton, and still was that age when she arrived at Earth as she did not age during her trip.  Initially on Earth, Kara briefly had to live in an orphanage near Metropolis, where Superman already had established himself some years ago. 

Superman, or Clark Kent did not look old when Kara arrived, although at that moment he probably was already around 50 years old.  In the orphanage Kara was given the name of Linda Lee, and then was adopted by Fred and Edna Danvers who gave her the name Kara Denver.  Kara, or Supergirl, supposedly had even more powerful powers than her cousin Superman.

Sadly enough, after the media emergence of Supergirl, her appearances were cancelled because somehow they did not receive enough support from tha public audience.  Nonetheless, the Superman, and Supergirl, and Superwoman images are still iconic and valued by most people, and this costume is a great way to celebrate Halloween, or any themed party.

Supergirl is well known for her dress, cape and mask and the capital "S" on her chest. She is still a hero in TV screens, movies and comic books. Fortunately, now she has become part of the DC Superhero Girls, which include Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy, a group created to eliminate evil and create human happiness, amoung other things.

In this short YouTube video Kara meets Superman by the first time:

- Midriff top with scoop neckline with metallic trim,
 - Supergirl iconic print on chest,
 - metallic panel at waist,
 - full length sleeves with metallic trim,
 - cape in metallic looking fabric,
 - skirt in similar fabric,
 - foam belt, and
 - boot tops in similar metallic fabric.

Not included: 
 - Wig, or
 - actual boots.

This costume is quite heavy, and the shipping weight is around 700 grm.

Size: Medium:  
  Bust:   91-97cm / 36"-38"   
  Waist:    69-76cm / 27"-30"

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