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Deluxe Freddy Krueger knitted stripped sweater.

Size: Adult XLarge  (PLUS)

  - Sweater only.

Not Included:
  - Mask. or,
  - hat, or
  - glove, or
  - pants, or
  - shoes.
X-Large Size:   (Male) 

 - Chest:   11-117cm / 42"-46"
 - Waist:   91-106cm / 36"-41"

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Freddy Krueger was released to the public in about eight movies by Warner Bros. starting in 1984.  Freddy Krueger is an evil leftover from the time when he was a child killer who survived after he had been burned badly by his victims' parents after avoiding prison.  After his burning, Freddy Krueger is, by some weirdness of our reality, able to go out of his body within his dreams still in his horribly burned appearance, and somehow his spirit, or his out-of-the-body identity, then becomes extraordinarily powerful, and then he kills people while they are in their dreams, which actually had the further consequence of their deaths in real life.

Step into the haunting dream or out-of-body world of Freddy Krueger with this iconic striped sweater, a chilling symbol of one of horror cinema's most enduring and malevolent characters. As featured in approximately eight spine-tingling movies produced by Warner Bros., Freddy Krueger is a sinister specter born of a child killer's malevolence, a character etched in the darkest corners of cinematic history since his first appearance in 1984.

Born from the ashes of a gruesome fate, Freddy Krueger's nightmarish journey began when he was gruesomely burned by vengeful parents of children hurt or killed by him, narrowly escaping the clutches of justice. Yet, in a twist of macabre reality, his spirit transcends the boundaries of our world, although forever trapped in his grotesquely disfigured form. Inexplicably empowered, his spectral presence becomes an entity of unparalleled malevolence, lurking within the realm of dreams.

Freddy Krueger's sinister talents manifest as he stalks his prey within the ethereal landscapes of slumber, a place where their worst nightmares come to life. His nefarious deeds in the dream world ripple into reality, sealing the fate of his victims' own demise.

When Freddy Krueger returns to our grim reality,  his visage remains a ghastly testament to his tormented existence. Cloaked in his signature, wearing a dirty striped sweater, adorned with a menacing brown fedora hat, and wielding a razor-fingered glove on his right hand, he instills fear in all who cross his path. Whether he strikes in the waking world or traverses the eerie veil of parallel universes, his prey can only find solace while they remain awake, forever haunted by the looming specter of their dreams.

In the 2010 installment, Nancy Holbrook, a survivor of Freddy's nightmarish horrors since her childhood, valiantly manages to return Freddy to our reality, delivering a final, cathartic blow by severing his sinister reign when she cuts his throat. However, the lingering dread of Freddy Krueger persists, a testament to the enduring legacy of this cinematic nightmare. Despite our world's despair, Freddy Krueger supposedly still remains around after his death in our reality.

While the Freddy Krueger series delves into the dark side of dreams, it is worth noting that dreams, out-of-body experiences, and parallel universes remain fascinating subjects beyond the confines of horror. This sweater serves as a tangible reminder of the enigmatic nature of our existence and is a thought-provoking conversation piece.

All these things about dreams, out-of-the-body experiences, parallel universes, etc. are very interesting subjects, although it is a shame that in the Freddy Krueger series, only the bad side is utilized.  Nonetheless, unfortunately, many people do have nightmares, and this Sweater can be an ideal reminder of how strange our existence is. Ideal for Halloween or any occasion that calls for an eerie twist, this sweater beckons those with a taste for the strange to embrace their inner thrill-seeker. 

Step into the shadows of Freddy Krueger's realm with this iconic striped sweater, if you dare, and confront the chilling mysteries of our existence while wearing this iconic piece of cinematic history.

You can here watch not a very short YouTube video about "Freddy Kreuger's Disturbing Backstory Finally Explained":

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