Satan Mask - Red


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Nice mask, shame about the horns. Both horns are not tight to the mask as they are attached by elastic. The right horn on my mask was looser than the other and drooped. I did not receive any favourable feedback from the vendor. They offered to replace it but I would have had to pay postage again (nearly $11 to Sydney).

A note by the Vendor:
Brendon is right about the horns. For some reason the designers of this mask have made the horns not rigidly attached to the base of the mask. Instead they are sewn with a semi-elastic material that allows for movement. It doesn't make much sense to us either, as we can hardly imagine the Satan character having wiggly horns... but who knows. This mask is however of very good quality, it is made in Italy, and if you don't mind the strange behaviour of the horns, it is otherwise quite a nice mask.

Brendon is also right about the return or replacement. It is just as any shop that wouldn't cover the transport for a customer going from home to the shop to replace or return an item. Perhaps in the case of items of greater cost the return of an item can be seen as more practical.

-- We will add the detail of the horns to the product description for future customers choosing this mask. And, thanks Brendon for the feedback. We hope that you still were able to enjoy the mask.
Date Added: 08/04/2010 by Brendon Redmond
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