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Transport yourself back to the free-spirited 60s and 70s with our Adult Hippie Costume – the epitome of countercultural coolness. This groovy ensemble captures the essence of an era marked by a rebellion against the conventions of mainstream American life, making it a fantastic choice for themed parties and costume events.

The Hippie Movement: Embracing Freedom and Love

Hippies were the embodiment of a movement that emerged on American college campuses in the 1960s but quickly spread its message of peace, love, and freedom across borders. While rooted in opposition to the Vietnam War, hippies were about more than just politics. They were a diverse group, often hailing from the baby-boom generation, united by a shared sense of alienation from a society dominated by materialism and repression.

A Distinctive Lifestyle: Flower Children

Hippies crafted a distinctive lifestyle, celebrating marginality through communal living and cooperative arrangements. Their diets were often vegetarian, emphasizing unprocessed foods and holistic medicine. Their fashion choices were just as unique, with long hair, psychedelic colors, and unconventional clothing that defied the norm. The iconic granny dresses, rimless granny glasses, beards, and sandals made a bold statement about their rejection of convention.

The Age of Aquarius: Seeking Enlightenment and Consciousness Expansion

Hippies embraced nonviolence, love, and the phrase 'Make love, not war.' They championed openness and tolerance, often pursuing open sexual relationships and seeking spiritual guidance from Eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Astrology and hallucinogenic drugs were part of their quest for expanded consciousness.

Interestingly, George Harrison and John Lennon, in some way participants of the Hippie culuture, kind of joined the movement started by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  This religious leader with Indu origen, was the creator of Transcendental Meditation and leader of that worldwide organization that has been characterized in multiple ways, including as a new religious movement and as non-religious. He became known as Maharishi and Yogi, and they created even the Maharrishi University, and many other communal organizations.

The Hippie Experience: Music and Beyond

Music was the heartbeat of the hippie culture, with legends like Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and iconic groups such as the Beatles, Grateful Dead, and Jefferson Airplane providing the soundtrack to their revolution. The musical 'Hair' and the film 'Easy Rider' celebrated their values and aesthetics, while author Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters embarked on legendary bus tours.

Join the Revolution in Style: Our Hippie Costume

Our Adult Hippie Costume includes everything you need to embrace this iconic era:

  • A retro shirt that oozes 60s and 70s charm.
  • White pants that complete the laid-back look.

Please note that an Afro wig and shoes are not included, allowing you to add your personal flair to this timeless style.

This costume comes in a Standard size, designed to fit heights between 170 to 185 cm and waist sizes ranging from 24" to 39".

Dive into the nostalgia, embrace the peace and love, and become a part of the Hippie movement with our Adult Hippie Costume. Get ready to spread good vibes, dance to the beat of your own drum, and turn heads at any event with this iconic look!

  • Person's HEIGHT:  Suitable for individuals between 170 to 185 cm.
  • PANTS: 
      Waist fits between 24" to 39",

 Get ready to own the room with your impeccable style and charisma!

- Shirt
- White pants

Not included:
  -  Afro wig, or
  -  shoes.

You can watch an introduction to "Exploring the History of the Hippie Movement and Its Impact on Society", in this short YouTube video:

The shipping weight is around 490grm.

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