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Silver metal masquerade mask decorated with iridescent, Swarovski crystals, white, iridescent glitter, and a crystal and pearl embellishment. White coque hackle feathers and pearls crown one side of this mask. This oustanding mask is ideal for a wedding, or for a debutante ball, or even for just a black and white party.

What does 'Starlight' stand for?
Starlight is the type of light emanated by stars, and the Swarovski crystals kind of behave like stars when light impacts on them, just like diamonds.  It is interesting to note that 'Starlight Scopes' were developed around the 1950's some scopes that would magnify the light of stars during the night to be able to see around.  These types of scopes still exist and are more technologically advanced now. They do not need batteries, and can be used for many purposes.

The word 'Starlight' has been used in many different cases for many purposes, some just for fun, and some rather very serious ones.  For instance there is in Australia a foundation, the Starlight Children's Foundation,  that gives support to children needing support for many reasons, such as medical treatments for some serious illness.  By the way, if you would like to donate to this foundation you can go to their website: The Starlight Foundation - Australia, and also there you can find out more about this foundation.  (This site will open in a new window).

Technically speaking the study of 'Starlight', (the actual light coming from stars), is a very complex theme,  and has produced  a large set of useful knowledge and  technologies in regards to our universe. Just for an example, is the case of a star called "SMSS J031300.36−670839.3", which was discovered in 2014.  This star is supposed to be 13.8 billion years old and only about 6000 light years from us, which is very strange, because our universe supposedly started about that far away on time...

In the meantime,  just have fun with this dream mask!

Hand made in Australia and part of the Laura Lucci Collection.

NOTE: Shipment is via Australia Post from the suburb Narre Warren South, (Vic 3805), which is located in the South East area of the the city of Melbourne in  Australia.  You can check some shipping details accessing Australia Post, for instance for information about estimated delivery time .  (This site will open in a new window).

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