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Shipping and Delivery


Payment Information





If I place my order today, when will I receive it?

Within Australia

We offer a Express Shipping service which is usually next business-day delivery to most city areas. We use Australia Post Express Post. Most orders placed before 2pm EST and to which full payment has been received will be shipped that same day. Dispatch of some costumes and certain other items may take up to 3 business days.

If you need something urgently, even if you are located in Western Australia or a country area, please contact our office because in some cases we can arrange alternative shipping with Australia Post Platinum Express, Australian Air Express, or a private courier. These shipping methods can attract additional charges, and we will contact you over the phone or via email for you to take the decision.

If you need to order after 2pm and need the order to be shipped that same day (and we have the items to be shipped), there may be an additional fee of $10 per order, which is to cover at least part of the cost of sending someone especially to the Post Office with your parcel(s). In these cases, if we manage to have your order ready to be shipped along with the rest of the orders for that day, we will waive that fee. We will do as much as possible to avoid this additional fee.

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International Orders

All International orders will be shipped by default via Regular Air Mail, registered and insured, which enables the tracking for the parcel.

Delivery times are usually 5 to 12 business days, however in some cases there may be delays which are totally out or our control. Delays usually occur at the stage of Customs clearance at the country of destination. Greater delays may take placed during peak times, such as between October and December. During this season, we recommend you to allow an extra 10 business days for delivery.

If you need your order urgently, we can also ship it via EMS Courier Service. This service takes between 3-6 business days and it usually has priority with customs clearance. Heavy extra postage usually applies for EMS service. Please send us an email letting us know which products you wish to purchase for us to calculate the shipping cost via this method.

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How much do you charge for postage?

Within Australia

Postage prices start at AU$11, which can carry up to 500 grams (including weight of the box and packaging materials). To give you an idea, most masks are very light, (except for latex masks), and we can usually ship up to 3-5 in this freight bracket.

Most costumes weight between 600grs and 2kg, and in this case the postage will be AU$16 or more. To have an accurate postage charge, add the products to your cart, and in the shopping cart page select your country and click on the button named: -Estimate Shipping- located on the left side of the page and under the list of items in your cart.

International Orders

The cost starts at around AU$18 for up to 250grams. To see the postage charges before placing your order, add the products to your cart, and in the shopping cart page, click on the button named: -Estimate Shipping- located on the left side of the page and under the list of items in your cart.The charges for international parcels shown in your order include tracking and insurance.

We also can offer EMS or Express Courier International for urgent orders. Please, contact us for the rates.

Do you deliver to overseas addresses?

Yes, we do offer international shipping, except some countries. Please contact us if your country appears as one to which we do not normally ship orders.


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Do you have a shop, or can I pick up my order?

We now do not have a shop or showroom, however if you live within 8Km from The Glen shopping Centre and your order is at least AU$20 we will deliver it for free.

The order needs to have been placed and paid for, online or over the phone.

If you are a school, or a corporate buyer, or if you are planning to purchase large quantities, please contact us for special arrangements

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What are your bank account and cheque payment details?

We only offer money order for domestic orders. If you would prefer to make a money order, please send it to us via Australian Post.

If you would like to make a money order, please contact us over the phone or by e-mail for us to calculate the total of your order. Please note that your order will not be sent until the Money Order is received which will add time to shipping.

Please make the Money Order to "Ufi Mart Pty Ltd".

We do not accept cheques any longer.

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How do I order?

You can order via the website by creating an account and paying with credit card upon checkout.

You can also place the order over the phone if your order is over AU#25.00. Despite how careful we may be taking an order over the phone, there is always the risk of errors, for which we much prefer and appreciate if you place the order on-line.

How do I know if an item is in stock?

Most items listed on the site are in stock.

However, occasionally we may be unaware something is out of stock until it is ordered. If needed urgently, please contact us by phone or e-mail for greater assurance. Otherwise, we will inform you right away by phone or email.

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How do I know if my purchase has been confirmed?

Once you have made payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the email you have provide us with. Please note that if you email address is a hotmail account the confirmation email may go the your junk folder.

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Is there a discount for bulk orders?

The discount varies. Discounts usually start for items of the same kind for purchases over $300. Please contact us for those cases

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What are your return/exchange policies?

We understand that it can be difficult buying over the Internet without trying on the product to confirm if the colour, size, or style suits you. Nevertheless, in general, due to the often one-time-wear nature of some items, we do not accept returns in many of the items. For further details please click here. If a costume does not fit you, yes, you can return it, provided the costume and its packing are intact and of course the costume does not show signs of having been worn. Unfortunately, postage is the customer's responsability. In some cases we may have to apply a 15% re-stocking fee.

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Do you hire?

No, our products are only available for purchase, and they are all new.

However, you will find that most products are similarly priced as hire items, or even less expensive.

Can you buy in store?

No. We now do not have a shop or showroom, however if you live within 8Km from The Glen shopping Centre and your order is at least AU$20 we will deliver it for free.

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What forms of payment do Ufi Mart accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa , and American Express.

We also accept Australia Post's Money Orders, however in this case you will need to call us.

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What types of wigs do you sell?

We sell costume wigs and some daily wear wigs. Wigs are made from either synthetic fibre or human hair.

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How often should I wash my wig?

It is recommended to wash the wig after wearing it 12-15 times. However depending on perspiration, body oils, if you have been in cigarette smoking environments, pollution and styling product build up, you may want to wash your wig more often. Wigs, in general, tend to get much less dirty than our natural hair.

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How do I care for my wig?

Gently comb out any tangles using your fingers or wide tooth wig combs. Preferably, do not use the normal brushes you use for your natural hair.

Wash wigs in cold water and Wig Care shampoo.

Let them dry naturally after washing. When not wearing the wig, store it away in a cool dry place on a dummy head, wig stand or in a box.

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How do I put on and wear my wig?

Take your new wig/hairpiece out of its packet and remember to give it a good vigorous shake to let air filter through into the wig fibres. They will tend to be a bit flat in the packet after shipping, and this shaking will make your new wig/hairpiece spring into life.

If you have a wig cap, place this on your head first, making sure the front of the wig cap is sitting on your natural hair line, and that all your hair is concealed under the cap. Alternatively, the end of a panty hose can be cut off to wear as a improvised wig cap.

If you have long hair and you do not have a wig cap, twist your hair into a tight French Twist and pin it to the crown of your head. You can use bobby pins to stick your own hair down flat to your head.

How do I store my Wig?

We recommend you to purchase a Styrofoam (polystyrene) head or wig stand to use when you are not wearing the wig. Otherwise it can be packed away in a box, as long as there are no creases. In all cases, wigs should not be kept in unnatural shapes for very long.

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Can I use any shampoo & conditioner on my wig?

It is recommended that you use only products formulated specifically for synthetic and/or human hair wigs. One important issue is that some inappropriate cleaning agents may allow build up of static electricity

Because the vast majority of products designed for our natural hair are oil-based, using these products may coat the wig hair and cause it to look dull and lifeless.

When considering purchasing any products to be used on wigs, make sure they are water-based, or at least that water is the first ingredient listed in the ingredients.

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Can I use a curling iron/straightener on my wig?

Never use heated styling tools on your synthetic wig or expose your wig to excess source of heat such as hair dryers, curling irons, open ovens, boiling water, barbecue grills and some cigarette lighters. It is possible, however, to style a wig using rolls and water and allow the wig to dry naturaly. Be careful, though, and experiment in a very small, not so visible area before going all the way.

Human hair wigs can be styled as normal hair, although with some limitations. Human hair for wigs vary widely in quality and properties. Often the human hair is treated to take off the cuticle. However, 'Remy' hair often has the cuticle, and is more expensive.

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Can I use a hair dryer on my wig?

No. Allow wigs to dry naturally after washing. However, it is usually possible to use moderate heat on your human hair wig. Proceed with care, though.

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Am I able to Cut & Style My Wig?

Yes, but it is very advisable to consult a professional stylist. Cutting and styling a wig can make it uniquely and truly yours, but can be extremely tricky to do it right. It is difficult to cut wigs, and it is easy to damage a very expensive wig in the process. If you do it yourself, it is better to limit any cutting to extremely minor adjustments. Sometimes, especially for synthetic fibre, scissors are not recommended, and blades are.

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Are your masks available in your Glen Waverley office?

Our products are only available on-line. You will need to choose the mask you want from our website and place the order either online or over the phone. We now do not have a shop or showroom, however if you live within 8Km from The Glen shopping Centre and your order is at least AU$20 we will deliver it for free.

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Do masks come in different sizes?

Most of our masks are one size fit all, and will, indeed, fit most people. However, standard sizes may vary due to having masks being produced by different manufacturers, and artists, in the case of the more expensive ones. Some costumes masks have specific sizes for children and adults. The usual width vary between 16 to 19cm.

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What different type of mask attachments do you have?

The four main types we have are:

Elastic band
An elastic band is attached to allow for varied sizes

Head band
A headband is attached to allow better grip with hair. These tend to be quite comfortable.

Ribbons are attached to masks and tied at the back.

A stick is attached to the mask on one side. Traditionally, the stick is for the right hand, which may sound paradoxical because that is the hand you mostly use, although that seems to be the Venetian tradition.

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If a mask doesn't have a stick can it be attached?

Yes, a stick can be attached to most masks. We offer two kind of sticks that you can choose from the left menu.

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Can masks be worn with glasses?

Very few masks are suitable for wearing with glasses. It also depends on the shape and size of your glasses. Even when you are able to fit a mask over your glasses it may give it an alien like look. Masks with sticks may be the best in these cases or you may try wearing contact lenses.

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Where do your masks come from?

Our masks are manufactured from all over the world including China, Italy (Venice), Philippines, USA, Taiwan, Bali, Fiji. We also have masks manufactured in Australia by some local artists.

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Do you sell Darkside Masks?

Yes. Darkside latex masks are manufactured in Australia and are of reputable quality.

They are great for a complete facial transformation.

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Do you have masks from Venice?

Yes, we sell imported masks from Venice including Insignia masks and Il Prato masks. These can be found under the category Authenthic Venetian masks.

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Do your masks come with warranties?

While we usually check for any defects before shipping, there may be occasions when we miss some details. In general, we do not offer warranties for masks based on time. If the mask has manufacturing defects that make the mask unsuitable for the intended design, you must let us know within the period specified in our return policy. For further details please click here.

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Are your hats available in different sizes?

They are usually one size fits all and can fit head circumferences from 54cm-59cm. It is always possible to play with the size adding materials inside the rim of the hat. This can be especially useful in the case of children.

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How should I measure my head?

Take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of the head, slightly above the ears.

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How do I know what costume size to buy?

We display all sizing information provided by the manufacturers on every costume description page. To ensure you receive the right product we are willing to measure any costume before purchasing if you require more information.

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How is the quality of the costumes?

You must have in mind that in general the quality of costumes is inferior to normal clothing. Because costumes are designed to be worn only once or few times, the finishing and materials tend to be of low quality, except in the case of expensive costumes. While most of our costumes are of general good quality (in reference to the costume market), there may be occasions when the quality of costumes does not correlate to the price. This mainly occurs because of two reasons:

1) The costumes are licensed and depict characters such as Spider-Man, Starwars etc. In most cases, there is only one supplier who has acquired the license to these characters, therefore some quality is sacrificed by these licensees to keep the cost low.

2) The costumes are manufactured in limited quantity, hence increasing the cost per unit.

3) Some cheap costumes/items would have inferior quality.

However, some costumes have high prices because of superior quality. (e.g. our deluxe costume range).

Please, bear in mind that many costumes, and masks as well, are made to depict cartoon-like versions of the character. This may make appear the quality as inferior. It is interesting to note that if an item, for instance say a Gangster costume, is made to look like a real suit, it just would have any impact as a costume, and you would just be dressed in a very peculiar way for that big party.

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