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Perseus Child Costume SMALL (3-5yo). Great for Historical themes during Halloween or Book Week.

There have been several movies about Perseus, especially the "Clash of the Titans'',  which have been filmed many times across the years. This costume represents Perseus, a Demigod from the Greek mythologyPerseus was a Demigod because his father was Zeus and his mother a mortal, human princess of 'Argos' called Danaë

Perseus was actually the grandfather of Heracles, (Hercules, in Latin), and he was famous for being a slayer of monsters. For instance, he cut Medusa's head, which, intelligently, he kept until his death.  In the Greek legends, Perseus received many gifts from several gods, including weapons and artifacts that interestingly enough would make Perseus similar to comics Superheroes of today. 

Perseus is described as the founder of many kingdoms, as well as the conqueror of many others.  When Perseus was quite old he was not able to see well and by mistake, it is said, he actually stared at the Medusa's head, which then caused the end of the life of this Heroe.

Here is a fairly short YouTube video that describe the above and add some more details in regards to Perseus and his life:


Here is another short YouTube video about the movie "Clash of the Titans" that was filmed back in 1981. There are some other newer movies about Perseus, but this one seems to be pretty good:

This costume does not include: 
 - Sword,
 - Shield,  or
 - Shoes.

Size:   Small (3-5 year olds).

Shipping Weight:  Around 350grm


- Green tunic
- Chest armour
- Gauntlets
- Shin guards

Costume, distributed by Rubies.

The shipping weight is around 350gr.

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