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Character Wigs

Product Image Item Code- Item Name Price
80's Madonna Blonde CPW027

80's Madonna Blonde

80ś Madonna short, curly blonde wig with black bow (detachable ribbon).


80's Pop Star NZ70635

80's Pop Star

Short, blonde, curly hair with fringe and a large black bow. 1980's Madonna style.


Afro Black QWI6746

Afro Black

Black large afro wig. Comes with foam on the inside which can be left there to achieve more height, or can be removed at wish. Please Note: Afro wigs...


American Indian Wig WIW001

American Indian Wig

Black American Indian wig with feather.


Andre Agassi Brown Mullet CPW082

Andre Agassi Brown Mullet

Brown long mullet, 80's style.


Barrister Wig QWI154545

Barrister Wig

Puffy grey barrister's wig. Probably can be used also as a Judge's wig.


Betty Boop Wig QWI1559

Betty Boop Wig

Betty Boop style, black wig.
$68.01  $33.56
Save: 50.65% off


Beyonce Blonde Wig AW015BL

Beyonce Blonde Wig

Blonde ringlets wig.


Black Flapper Deluxe Wig QWI1539BK

Black Flapper Deluxe Wig

Black deluxe flapper wig. 1920's style.


Black Long Punk Mullet Wig QWI6711

Black Long Punk Mullet Wig

Black Waist Length Hair with Spikey Hair at the Top
$32.85  $25.17
Save: 23.37% off


Blonde Flapper Deluxe Wig QWI1539BL

Blonde Flapper Deluxe Wig

Blonde deluxe flapper wig. 1920's style.


Budget Marilyn Wig QWI6780

Budget Marilyn Wig

Blonde curly wig Marilyn Monroe style. Synthetic fibre. One size fits all.
$30.17  $17.13
Save: 43.21% off


Cabaret White Wig CPW037

Cabaret White Wig

1920s cabaret white wig.


Carol Brady Wig PGW4975

Carol Brady Wig

Carol Brady short blonde costume wig. The Brady Bunch licensed costume accessory.


Cavewoman Wig RW51185

Cavewoman Wig

Cavewoman style wig with headband with bones. Synthetic materials. One size fits all.


Cherry Blossom Curly Wig NZ1132

Cherry Blossom Curly Wig

Long curly pink wig.


Child Vampire Wig RW50850

Child Vampire Wig

Child black vampire wig with white streaks.


Choppy Bob Auburn CPW087

Choppy Bob Auburn

Shaggy auburn shoulder length bob.


Choppy Bob White CPW088

Choppy Bob White

Shaggy white shoulder length bob.


Cinderella Child Wig Set RA5325

Cinderella Child Wig Set

Cinderella child wig set. Includes: - Cinderella wig - Mirror - comb - Brush - Ring - Necklace - Glitter make up


Cinderella Wig (Child) DF4007

Cinderella Wig (Child)

Cinderella Wig As Shown Suitable to kids 3+ of age.


Cindy Brady Wig PGW4979

Cindy Brady Wig

Cindy Brady blonde wig with ringlet pigtails. The Brady Bunch licensed costume accessory.


Corpse Bride Wig DW7016

Corpse Bride Wig

Long grey wig with frizzy hair, 3/4 part and black ribbon on one side. Synthetic fibres. One size fits most.


Delilah Black / Burgundy Wig NZ70454

Delilah Black / Burgundy Wig

Black and burgundy wig with two small high pigtails with burgundy roses. Ideal for goth costume or Abby Sciuto from NCIS.


Monthly Specials For April

Blue Aqua Makeup - 16gr
Blue Aqua Makeup - 16gr
$7.28  $3.18
Save: 56.33% off
Penny Beehive Blonde Wig
Penny Beehive Blonde Wig
$32.79  $22.38
Save: 31.75% off
Orange Aqua Makeup - 10gr
Orange Aqua Makeup - 10gr
$5.54  $1.91
Save: 65.60% off
Vampira Wig
Vampira Wig
$33.59  $27.97
Save: 16.73% off

Fortress Mask
Fortress Mask
$23.83  $12.59
Save: 47.17% off
Family Makeup Guide
Family Makeup Guide
$6.16  $2.27
Save: 63.13% off
Smiley Darkside Latex Mask
Smiley Darkside Latex Mask
$49.25  $28.73
Save: 41.67% off
Girl Ragamuffin Baby Costume (6-12mths)
Girl Ragamuffin Baby Costume (6-12mths)
$51.15  $34.96
Save: 31.66% off

Smurf Plus Deluxe Adult Costume
Smurf Plus Deluxe Adult Costume
$97.38  $54.04
Save: 44.51% off
Papa Smurf Adult Costume (X-Large)
Papa Smurf Adult Costume (X-Large)
$78.30  $47.55
Save: 39.27% off
Iron Man 2 Child Costume Large (8-10yo)
Iron Man 2 Child Costume Large (8-10yo)
$50.32  $37.76
Save: 24.96% off
Perseus Child Costume
Perseus Child Costume
$55.41  $41.95
Save: 24.28% off

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