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Product Image Item Code- Item Name Price
Aladdin Set QWE3638

Aladdin Set

Aladdin sword and genie lamp set. Sword size 52cm.


Axe w/ Skull N8306

Axe w/ Skull

Plastic axe with skull motive and wood look handle.


Battle Sword Black AA14C

Battle Sword Black

Black gladiator battle sword with scabbard. Measures 56cm


Bronze Sword 61cm N43843

Bronze Sword 61cm

Bronze sword, 61cm long.


Butcher Knife N44661

Butcher Knife

Butcher knife 48cm.


Cap Gun AA140

Cap Gun

Cap gun with detachable orange silencer.


Cap Gun w/ Silencer AA71

Cap Gun w/ Silencer

8 shot cap gun with silencer.


Clone Trooper Blaster RA8299

Clone Trooper Blaster

This weapon is carried mostly by Clone troopers of the Republic during The Clone war and no Clone Trooper will be complete with out weapons. This...


Conan Trident N87004

Conan Trident

Warrior trident with skull.


Cowboy Double Gun Holster - Brown N2349BN

Cowboy Double Gun Holster - Brown

Brown cowboy double gun holster and belt.


Cowboy Gun Set w/ Holsters AA05

Cowboy Gun Set w/ Holsters

Twin cowboy gun set with holsters. Medium size 23cm long.


Deluxe Zorro Sword AA02

Deluxe Zorro Sword

Zorro sword with scabbard in black and silver. 70cm long.


Detective Cap Gun 2 Set WIA179

Detective Cap Gun 2 Set

Set of two detective cap guns.


Devil Small Trident QWE5433

Devil Small Trident

Small devil trident. 56cm long.


Foam Filled Bone Club RA6294

Foam Filled Bone Club

Foam Filled Bone Club As Shown.


Gangster Gun & Holster QWE3684

Gangster Gun & Holster

Gangster gun and holster. Gun size: 12cm


Gangster Machine Gun AA103

Gangster Machine Gun

Gangster Machine Gun - Tommy gun - 50cm Plastic Thompson machine gun with trigger pull action sound. No batteries required.


Grenade w/ Battle Sounds AA149

Grenade w/ Battle Sounds

Hand grenade with battle sounds.


Harry Potter Wand - NO Sound or Light AA22

Harry Potter Wand - NO Sound or Light

Harry Potter wand. 36cm long. Licensed product.


Harry Potter Wand w/ Light & Sound QWA9675_V37

Harry Potter Wand w/ Light & Sound

Harry Potter wand with light and sound. 36cm long. Licensed product.


Hunting Rifle WIA624

Hunting Rifle

Rifle with sound and light. Great for a cowboy in the wild west or a hunting trip through Africa. This item can only be shipped via regular mail if...


Indian Bow & Arrows N8560

Indian Bow & Arrows

Indian bow and arrows 20.5"


Jewelled Dagger QWE8915

Jewelled Dagger

Rubber dagger with large red jewel. Dagger length: 33cm


Kids' Warrior Weapon Set AA13

Kids' Warrior Weapon Set

Kid's medieval warrior set. Includes: - Sword - Shield - Bow - Arrows.


Monthly Specials For July

Red Jumbo Makeup Stick
Red Jumbo Makeup Stick
$2.54  $1.50
Save: 41.06% off
Monster Bride Adult Costume
Monster Bride Adult Costume
$61.44  $44.00
Save: 28.38% off
Clare Eyemask
Clare Eyemask
$16.63  $12.10
Save: 27.25% off
Christine Skin Top Wig
Christine Skin Top Wig
$71.92  $55.00
Save: 23.53% off

Tron Child Costume
Tron Child Costume
$33.45  $24.20
Save: 27.66% off
Poirot Black Human Hair Moustache
Poirot Black Human Hair Moustache
$11.15  $9.90
Save: 11.22% off
Neon Groove
Neon Groove
$65.30  $47.30
Save: 27.56% off
Silver Glitter Lipstick
Silver Glitter Lipstick
$2.54  $1.00
Save: 60.70% off

Pink Glitter Lipstick
Pink Glitter Lipstick
$2.54  $1.00
Save: 60.70% off
Warrior Princess Fiona Adult Costume
Warrior Princess Fiona Adult Costume
$46.39  $19.80
Save: 57.31% off
Miss Riddler Adult Costume
Miss Riddler Adult Costume
$53.00  $38.50
Save: 27.36% off
Storm Trooper Mask
Storm Trooper Mask
$50.37  $38.50
Save: 23.57% off

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