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Go Aussie! Celebrate Australia day and all that is Australian with gold and green wigs, make up, and Aussie animals: kangaroos, koalas, etc.

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Australia Tattoos N89423

Australia Tattoos

Australia assorted tattoos.


Australia 1/2 Mask 238A

Australia 1/2 Mask

Australia flag plastic half mask. Discounts available for large quantities. Give us a call on 03 9886 1242 or email us to obtain a quote.


Echidna Plastic Mask IN655B

Echidna Plastic Mask

Echidna plastic animal mask.


Koala Plastic Mask QMP40261

Koala Plastic Mask

Plastic Koala Mask. Elastic band attachment. Ideal for small faces.


Dame Edna Dark Glasses RTG208

Dame Edna Dark Glasses

Dame Edna black glasses with silver detail and dark lenses.


Bushman Hat N94031

Bushman Hat

Brown suede-like bushman hat.


Koala Wacky Dress Up QHE9985

Koala Wacky Dress Up

Wacky koala mask and headband with ears.


Dame Edna Glasses AA65B

Dame Edna Glasses

Black The Dame Glasses.


Dame Edna Purple Glasses AA65P

Dame Edna Purple Glasses

Purple Dame Edna glasses.


Half Yellow Half Green Aussie Mask NFP1807

Half Yellow Half Green Aussie Mask

Half Yellow & Half Green Papillon fabric eye mask with elastic ties


Domino Australian Flag Mask NFP1805

Domino Australian Flag Mask

Australian Flag papillon fabric eye mask with elastic ties.


Red Parrot Half Mask w/ Sound QMA7122

Red Parrot Half Mask w/ Sound

Red parrot half mask with screeching/half words sound. Headband attachment.


Aussie Afro NZ5110

Aussie Afro

Green and yellow Aussie cheer wig.


Shark Hood KHT-SHAR

Shark Hood

Roam the seas in this terrifyingly cute shark hood. Great for school performances or just for fun! Also suitable for adults with small heads. One...


Valerie Cream/Green Mask U863

Valerie Cream/Green Mask

cream and gold eyemask beautifully decorated with gold glitter design. One single small green ostrich feather, green marabou, and a green rhinestone...


Dame Edna Wig CPW030

Dame Edna Wig

Dame Edna purple curly wig (glasses not included).


Punk LIght Up Yellow QWI6727YE

Punk LIght Up Yellow

Neon yellow Punk Mullet wig with spiky top and colour changing fibre optic strands. Simply flick the switch on the side of the wig, and watch the...


Bat Animal Onesie AC525

Bat Animal Onesie

Bat kigurumi animal onesies. You can use them as pajamas, to relax and snuggle up in winter or wear it at a costume party or school play. The most...

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Koala Animal Onesie AC524

Koala Animal Onesie

Koala kigurumi animal onesies. You can use them as pajamas, to relax and snuggle up in winter or wear it at a costume party or school play. The most...

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Hope Mask U778

Hope Mask

This simple yet intricate green and gold mask has gold trim along the bottom and delicate gold and black lace at the top.There are beautiful...


Crocodile Costume KFB-CROC

Crocodile Costume

Green crocodile costume made with a soft mottled material Large head, eyes, teeth, claws and tail. Open face, open hands and open feet. Packaged in a...

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Fantasy Cream Mask U811

Fantasy Cream Mask

Cream and gold antique look mask decorated with glitter and gold trimmings. A large green and peach organza flower and green feather complete the...


Shark Costume KFB-SHAR

Shark Costume

These sharks aren't so scary, the ones wearing the semi-plush jumpsuit, with face, open mouth and double row of teeth. This costume comes in THREE...

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Tassie Devil KFB-TDEV

Tassie Devil

Make your child into a tassie devil with this soft textured jumpsuit with a face and open feet and hands. This costume comes in Medium size Measured...

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Monthly Specials For September

Indiana Jones w/ Jacket Adult Costume
Indiana Jones w/ Jacket Adult Costume
$46.64  $37.40
Save: 19.81% off
Puck - Glee Adult Costume
Puck - Glee Adult Costume
$52.24  $36.30
Save: 30.51% off
Black flocked mask
Black flocked mask
$2.97  $2.20
Save: 25.88% off
Spider Mask
Spider Mask
$3.31  $2.20
Save: 33.53% off

Englishman Moustache & Monocle Set
Englishman Moustache & Monocle Set
$3.39  $2.20
Save: 35.14% off
Hairy Monster Hands
Hairy Monster Hands
$8.40  $7.70
Save: 8.28% off
Grand Gala - Red
Grand Gala - Red
$17.26  $15.40
Save: 10.79% off
Glamorous Witch Costume
Glamorous Witch Costume
$47.76  $40.70
Save: 14.78% off

Starcore Mask
Starcore Mask
$18.06  $9.90
Save: 45.20% off
Star Trek Phaser Gun
Star Trek Phaser Gun
$21.78  $17.98
Save: 17.45% off
Donkey Set (Sound not playing)
Donkey Set (Sound not playing)
$16.95  $13.99
Save: 17.46% off
Silver Coral - Silver/Red mask
Silver Coral - Silver/Red mask
$24.82  $11.99
Save: 51.69% off

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