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Character Hats

Product Image Item Code- Item Name Price
Aladdin Hat AH011

Aladdin Hat

Aladdin turban in yellow sequined and purple velour fabrics.


Alpine Hat N2134

Alpine Hat

Green feltex Alpine hat with red feather. Just right for Oktober Fest or other themes related to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and with the Alps in...
$10.55  $6.60
Save: 37.42% off


Arabian Prince White Hat AH033

Arabian Prince White Hat

White Arabian hat with gold trim.


Army Camouflage Helmet AH005

Army Camouflage Helmet

Hard plastic camo military helmet.


Australian Police Cap N9252

Australian Police Cap

Fabric police hat with checkered band and badge. Australian/UK style


Aviator Latex Helmet N82001

Aviator Latex Helmet

Aviator latex helmet with moulded goggles.


Barbarian Gladiator Helmet INCOC148

Barbarian Gladiator Helmet

Gold and silver gladiator latex helmet.


Beige Military Cap N29065

Beige Military Cap

Beige Military or Navy cap.
$7.17  $3.30
Save: 54.00% off


Beret Military/British Cap AH052

Beret Military/British Cap

Military style beret. Also typical English cap. Comes in black. Size Medium (59cm or ~23"), which should fit most heads.


Biker Cap N9253

Biker Cap

Black biker cap with chain.


Black & Gold Egyptian Headdress AH030

Black & Gold Egyptian Headdress

Egyptian Pharaoh headdress in black and gold with snake.


Black Harem Hat & Veil 90181

Black Harem Hat & Veil

Black harem hat with sequin adornments and attached veil. One size fits all.


Black Phantom Fabric Mask AM3001

Black Phantom Fabric Mask

Plastic phantom mask covered with black hardened fabric on the outside and soft fabric in the inside for comfort. Elastic attachment.


Black Widow Hat N29393

Black Widow Hat

Black cocktail hat with black veil.


Blue Military Cap N29064

Blue Military Cap

Blue military or navy cap.


Blue Viking Hat 90238

Blue Viking Hat

Blue and gold Viking Hat with gold horns.


Boater Hat - Feltex N2009

Boater Hat - Feltex

Cream feltex boater hat with black band. Great for a Venetian boater or 1920's costume.


Bob Builder Hat QHTCN8512

Bob Builder Hat

Hard yellow plastic construction/builder helmet. Fits children and adults - adjustable band.


Bobby Helmet NF2196

Bobby Helmet

Black, flocked Bobby helmet. Old british police hat.Thin plastic covered in furry felt coating on the outside.


Bobby Helmet Hard Plastic AH018

Bobby Helmet Hard Plastic

Hard plastic old British policeman helmet.


Brown Pirate Scarf 90168

Brown Pirate Scarf

Brown pirate scarf with black netting. One size fits all.


Bushman Hat N94031

Bushman Hat

Brown suede-like bushman hat.


Camouflage Cap AH034

Camouflage Cap

Camouflage, army cap.


Captain Hat AH017

Captain Hat

White, navy ship captain hat. Admiral or Sailor hat.


Monthly Specials For April

White Nail Polish
White Nail Polish
$3.18  $1.00
Save: 68.56% off
Veronica Machine Tied Wig
Veronica Machine Tied Wig
$78.63  $38.50
Save: 51.04% off
Wolfman Wig
Wolfman Wig
$29.53  $19.80
Save: 32.96% off
Sexy Cowgirl Costume
Sexy Cowgirl Costume
$73.31  $38.04
Save: 48.11% off

Lady Gaga Silver Sequin Dress Adult Costume
Lady Gaga Silver Sequin Dress Adult Costume
$78.76  $55.00
Save: 30.17% off
Peggy Sue Auburn Wig
Peggy Sue Auburn Wig
$34.66  $22.00
Save: 36.53% off
Suzette Pink Mask
Suzette Pink Mask
$12.75  $10.45
Save: 18.04% off
Royal Vampiress - Dlx Costume
Royal Vampiress - Dlx Costume
$125.93  $80.85
Save: 35.80% off

Black Pig Animal Onesie
Black Pig Animal Onesie
$57.75  $45.10
Save: 21.90% off
Footy Reg/Mexican - Brown Human Hair Moustache
Footy Reg/Mexican - Brown Human Hair Moustache
$15.61  $12.10
Save: 22.49% off
Merv - Black Human Hair Moustache
Merv - Black Human Hair Moustache
$14.98  $11.00
Save: 26.55% off
Scar-let Pirate - Teen
Scar-let Pirate - Teen
$47.22  $36.30
Save: 23.13% off

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